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I have barn raised kittens that moms have brought live kills to since they could crawl out of the box(Also eating dry cat food and drinking water).. We had two farm cats have litters and a orphane litter born around fair time in Aug. Not sure on exact dates as moms just showed up with them and orphane litter we found in a shed and the two moms raised them as well.. Solid Blues, Blue tabbys, Tabbys in various patterns, Patched tabbys, Solid blacks, Cream. Will need notice as most friendly but some need catching. All are using litter box and eating solid food. All will need shots and wormings as these are barn cats and not our house cats they are running amuck and need homes before they venture out to hwy or moms take them across hwy.. All look to be in very fit shape. These will make excellent hunting cats as moms have been letting them kill the live critters they have been bringing them.. We have been watching moms bring mice, birds, gophers, small rabbits and the kitten are playing catching and doing away with the critters moms have brought them.. Its really great to have kittens that are taught by moms to be perfect hunters.. These will be awesome farm kittens! There are a few that arn't really people cats for someone who like having cats around but don't want the clingy type.

Location: Mitchell, NE

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